Single user

Install on a local computer or in virtual environment (ie. Remote Desktop Services [Terminal Services] or Citrix). Entity information is not shareable across multiple users.

$799 (GST Excl.)

Multiple entities

One or more entities can be created, edited and lodged (based on licence). A single entity (per user) is included with additional entities purchasable.

$599 (GST Excl.) per entity


There are no benefit limitations in easyFBT for Motor Vehicle Dealers:

  • Unlimited employees
  • Unlimited benefits

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Key features of easyFBT for Motor Vehicle Dealers

  • Entity consolidation

    The Consolidation wizard allows you to aggregate any number of entities into a single entity for reporting purposes. An easy to use wizard guides you through selecting the required entities, collecting some information about your consolidation and finalising the aggregation.
  • Attachments

    Wanting to keep all your documents and records as part of your return? easyFBT allows you to store this information on an entity-by-entity basis via our Attachments feature. You can simply drag-and-drop files, create sub-folders and even edit these documents right from within the Attachments Manager in easyFBT. All attachments are stored as part of any export or backup and will remain with your entity until you remove them.
  • Advanced editing features

    easyFBT workpapers have a general Microsoft Excel look and feel and share many of the standard features that you come to expect including cut, copy, paste (information pasted into workpapers will be extensively validated, from individual cells to any number of columns and rows) and delete. Other available features include the ability to freeze columns, show and hide specific columns to match your workflow, sorting one or more columns and flagging rows to identify potential review items.
  • Import data

    Import your benefit information directly from either Microsoft Excel workbooks (97-2003, 2007 or later), tab-delimited or comma separated text files using our specially designed wizard to guide you through this complex process of adding new benefit data or updating existing benefits with additional information. The Import Data wizard will extensively validate your data files to ensure they comply with the complex rules of each field.
  • Create report wizard

    The Create Report wizard allows you to create user-defined reports for each reporting area within easyFBT. The wizard guides you through developing a new report (or editing an existing report) allowing you to determine the area you wish to report, whether it's detailed or summary, the columns (and order) to display and other key items such as grouping, pagination, sorting and filtering. If there is a report you require, easyFBT can create it!
  • RFBA employee letters

    Generating employee summary letters can be a time consuming task without using easyFBT. The Employee Letters wizard guides you through selecting your existing Microsoft Word template (containing your own wording), the range of employees to include, generates individually tailored letters (in Abobe PDF or Microsoft Word format) and then optionally e-mails them directly to employees. Compress days of manual work into just a couple of minutes and let easyFBT do the hard work for you!

easyFBT also includes these standard features


easyFBT has been designed to be quick and easy to install with minimal (if any) input required by your IT Department. No need to install complex database servers or seek on-going administration support or maintenance.

Electronic lodgement

Interact directly with the ATO's Standard Business Reporting (SBR) portal using our SBR Interaction wizard. You can both Prelodge and Lodge your return and review each interaction independently. If you have yet to register for an AUSkey you can still produce and lodge the paper form instead.

Auto backup

Backing up your data is an extremely important process that sometimes gets overlooked especially during the busy times. easyFBT is configured to automatically complete an entire backup of all entities to a location of your choice (ie. network file server) when you close the program. Auto backup is fully configurable and can be adjusted to meet your backup requirements.

Workpaper column help

The workpaper column help details what is generally expected to be entered into input columns. For calculation columns, the help describes how certain calculations are performed and where these calculations are more complex, shows the formula used in general terms. ATO commentary/information is also included within some of the columns for additional guidance.


The Declarations Manager provides access to ATO approved declaration documentation required when completing certain benefit types. Declarations in the form approved by the Commissioner of Taxation are required for various benefit types and are provided within easyFBT as pro-forma documents.

Automated in-house benefit allocation

The In-House Benefit Reduction Allocation wizard automatically allocates the $1,000 in-house benefit reduction amount for in-house benefits to your employees based on your selection of workpapers and order of allocation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Setup and installation

By default easyFBT and your entity information is installed and located on your local computer. The auto backup feature ensures your data is backed-up and kept safe by automatically storing a copy on your server (or another location chosen by you) when you exit the program.

Virtual installations and sharing entities

easyFBT can be installed into a virtual environment such as Remote Desktop Services [Terminal Services] or Citrix where users remotely access Microsoft Windows. Where sharing entity information across multiple users is a requirement contact our sales team to discuss your needs.


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Purchasing items

Items are purchased on a per-computer basis, so if you have two team members at your site who wish to use the product, you will need to purchase two copies of the software. Additional entities are also purchased on a per-computer basis. Each product comes with single entity included.

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