At One Plus One Solutions Pty Limited, we pride ourselves on delivering fast and convenient support for our customers so you can complete your tasks with minimal disruptions. We also believe that providing support is a natural extension and obligation of purchasing software so we guarantee that we will never charge you additional fees for support.

Support options

We have partnered with Zendesk to provide a fully integrated support ticketing system. To access our support options, login (or register) and from your user drop-down selector (top menu bar), click the My Account option. Choosing the My Tickets option from the sidebar menu provides access to your existing support tickets and our helpdesk. Other options available include viewing your account profile, purchase history and e-mail subscriptions allowing you to stay informed with all the easyFBT news and update announcements.

If you wish to have on-going dialog with us, we recommend that you register your account.

Not a member?

If you have not yet registered and want to ask us a question, you have two options to contact us:

Your question will be added to our integrated support ticketing system and we will respond to you as soon as we can.