• How to avoid becoming the next Blockbuster

    How to avoid becoming the next Blockbuster

    It’s the responsibility of any small business to keep up to date with advances in their industry.

    Without doing this, you run the risk of ending up like Blockbuster, or Kodak. Ignoring technology and changes in the way your industry operates leaves you at the risk of becoming obsolete.

    This is even more important for a software business, no industry changes faster or more often than IT.
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  • Microsoft Ignite 2015

    Microsoft Ignite 2015

    I was fortunate to be able to attend Microsoft Ignite 2015 (formally TechEd) up on the Gold Coast in mid November. Ignite is for those looking for what's next or insights on key technology trends from Microsoft and the greater IT industry. It's a full-on week of learning with around 180 break-out sessions, learning labs, the Hack Theatre spread over 4 days covering technology such as Azure (cloud), developer tools (DevOps), servers and databases.
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  • Microsoft Build Tour Event

    Microsoft Build Tour Event

    Recently we attended the Microsoft Build Tour event held at Luna Park in Sydney. These events give us a chance to keep up with the latest and greatest information coming out of the Redmond giant. Some of the more recent advancements from Microsoft will have an affect on how you interact with technology in coming years with products such as:
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