• Get your FBT house in order

    Get your FBT house in order

    As the year-end tax reporting period starts to heat up like the Australian summer, business big and small need to start getting their FBT house in order.

    For a big business that means having their highly paid accounting firm begin the process of FBT, for small business and those who lodge directly that means the time is nigh to begin data analyses clarification of facts and circumstances, preparation of benefit data, completion of the FBT return form, review (yes, a review is a good idea) and lodge the return.

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  • The times they are a changing...

    The times they are a changing...

    Change is one of those things that scares people. Most people love routine and avoid change at every turn.

    They stay in a job for years longer than they should simply because, even though they may hate it, it’s familiar.

    Changing anything is difficult, and while as people we feel that, organisations know that. As a result, they demotivate people by making the process complicated and time-consuming.

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  • Do you need to pay FBT?

    Do you need to pay FBT?

    You may be required to pay fringe benefits tax (FBT) if you provide certain fringe benefits to an employee (or their associate) in respect of employment. An employee can be a current, future or past employee, or a director of a company or trust.

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  • FBT for Not for Profits

    FBT for Not for Profits

    Working for a Not For Profit (NFP) is very different from working for a large corporate. The focus is not on profit, but on how much money can be spent on life-changing programs or initiatives for those who need them.

    As a result, NFP’s are generally unable to offer competitive salaries and are often below the market rate for most of the positions they fill.

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