There are many reasons someone starts a small business:

Become the captain of your ship

Working 9 to 5 for the man can become tiresome, watching someone else’s company go from strength to strength and know that you are the reason for its success can do one of two things. It can deflate you, or it can create an awakening, a realisation that you have the skills to be successful, and that success can be something you own.

That’s a good idea; lets do it!

We all have ideas, but what separates a good idea from a successful business is action. An idea is nothing if you don’t create it, which is often easier said than done. But at the end of the day, many small businesses’ have been built on the back of a simple idea.

Actually, why don’t I do this for myself?

Working in big business can leave you feeling like a number, just a cog in an enormous machine. While the big corporations of the world are a success for a reason, often they miss opportunities simply because of the reason for their success, their size. The process does not hamper a small business or stalled by discussion. In your own business you can be quick and agile; if you see an opportunity, you can move to take advantage of it.

easyFBT’s why:

Like many good ideas, the genesis of One Plus One Solutions and their easyFBT software grew from a mix of necessity, ingenuity, and that often forgotten quality when it comes to a good idea, action.

"Based on our experience we knew that we could develop our software for this market to provide some healthy competition and level of service we felt was missing," Harris said.

At the heart of One Plus One Solutions is the client, and for Smith and Harris how the client experiences the software is critical to success.

"It needs to make the clients' life easier, not harder," Smith says. "Which is why we take client feedback so seriously…."

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