Consider the following scenario:

Tax time rolls around, and you find yourself wrestling with endless spreadsheets. Those spreadsheets provide all the information you need to reconcile your FBT.

You start the year with good intentions, and your record keeping makes the first few months easy, however pretty soon you find yourself cursing those same spreadsheets.

When you finally finish you make a pledge that you will never again rely on spreadsheets and as soon as is practical, you’ll be installing new FBT software to relive the high levels of stress you find yourself in each tax year.

The experience has been, so mind-numbing however that like a traumatic event you put it out of your mind and by the time the new tax year rolls around you find yourself wrestling with those same spreadsheets again.

The question you need to ask yourself right now is: what are you waiting for?

There is still time to make the change to a software program that will not only make your life easier; it will enable you to be more accurate with your reporting, eliminating much of the risk of an accidental error.

You can import your benefit information directly from either Microsoft Excel workbooks (97-2003, 2007 or later), tab-delimited or comma-separated text files using our specially designed wizard to guide you through this complex process of adding new benefit data or updating existing benefits with additional information. The Import Data wizard will extensively validate your data files to ensure they comply with the complex rules of each field.

"You still have plenty of time to make the switch and make your FBT reporting process a far easier one than using standard spreadsheets," co-founder Matthew Smith says. "Making life easier for companies and individuals reporting on FBT was why we started easyFBT."

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