Like everything, technology marches on and we've made some changes to our backend support services to ensure we continue of offer the levels of service we are known for! These changes will continue to bring us into line with easyFBT being our brand in the marketplace.

E-mail services
We've moved our backend support services onto Office 365 which has given us an opportunity to upgrade our e-mail addresses to, matching our branding and website. We will continue to forward our existing e-mails for the time being so nothing will be lost in transition! (previously (previously (previously (previously

Support tickets
To log a support ticket for easyFBT you can now send an e-mail directly to (previously or by clicking on the Help button at the bottom-right on this website. Note: in contrast to the e-mail services, the previously used is no longer available and will not be forwarded.

easyFBT 2019
We are currently developing easyFBT 2019 and have a couple of changes coming to the program:

Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.2
Following Microsoft end-of-life guidelines we are now no longer supporting Microsoft Windows XP or Vista (we did hold out for a number of years but no clients appear to the utilising these platforms any longer). This has allowed us the opportunity to move forward to newer versions of the Microsoft .Net Framework which will give us the ability to add to new features and upgrade the base platform into the future. Most currently supported versions of Microsoft Windows have Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.2 or better already installed.

Fringe Benefits Tax Return form
With the upgrade of the Microsoft .Net Framework, we have been able to integrate displaying the Fringe Benefits Tax Return form within a tab in the easyFBT workspace (ie. like workpapers, reports etc). The added (and most important) benefit of this is that you will be able to export the form to PDF which will include all completed form information and numbers. Therefore you will no longer require Adobe Professional (or equivalent) to save copies of your forms for future reference.

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