Tax time is slowly approaching, and if you’re in charge of the finances of any business big or small, your life is about to become far more complicated than you’d like.

One of the most complicated areas of tax for many organisations is FBT, when is it allowed? What can you claim? And then how do you best keep records.

A vast array of software solutions exist to help, but none can help you more than easyFBT.

"This is the time of the year many people will start to think about their FBT software, and if changing is on the cards the time to make a change is right now," easyFBT co-owner Michael Harris says.

One Plus One Solutions Pty Limited is better placed than most software companies to make the process of changing easy.

They understand expectations and work tirelessly to meet and exceed them.

They are affordable, and best of all can create a software solution suited to your needs.

"Let’s face it changing can be scary, but it’s only scary because of the unknowns. One of our great strengths is eliminating those unknowns. We put everything on the table so that you can make that change with your eyes wide open," co-owner Matthew Smith says.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re thinking of making a change for the better, think less and do more.

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