As a Tax Agent the key to getting through a busy tax season is planning and software. The faster you can complete one client's tax report the quicker you can move onto the next one.

As they say, time is money. For Tax Agents, easyFBT has a product that will help you easily and confidentially complete more FBT reports in less time.

It’s important when dealing with the tax needs of a client that the tax agent does not get bogged down in spreadsheets. In order to help a business maximise their tax returns things like FBT need to be easy to understand and lodge, that’s exactly what easyFBT’s Tax Agent product does.

"Part of what makes us unique is that we, and the products we offer, have grown organically," co-founder Matthew Smith said. "We started with one product, that has now grown to six and services everyone from Tax Agents to small one-man shows. Not being a big company means we are agile enough to answer our clients specific needs."

The easyFBT for Tax Agent product offers:

Multiple users

Install on one or more local computers or in a virtual environment (ie. Remote Desktop Services [Terminal Services] or (Citrix) with data located on a centralised file server accessible by all users.

Multiple entities

One or more entities can be created, edited and lodged (based on licence). A single entity (per user) is included with additional entities purchasable.


  • Unlimited employees
  • Unlimited benefits


Some of the key features of easyFBT for Tax Agents include:

Data sources

Data Sources make the task of managing different groups of entities a breeze. A data source, in simple terms, is a collection of entities which can be accessed by one or more users and are located on a centrally managed server. Data sources assist your teams in managing separate groups of entities within their own structure with access available via a simple selection process.

Entity consolidation

The Consolidation wizard allows you to aggregate any number of entities into a single entity for reporting purposes. An easy to use wizard guides you through selecting the required entities, collecting some information about your consolidation and finalising the aggregation.


Wanting to keep all your documents and records as part of your return? easyFBT allows you to store this information on an entity-by-entity basis via our Attachments feature. You can simply drag-and-drop files, create sub-folders and even edit these documents right from within the Attachments Manager in easyFBT. All attachments are stored as part of any export or backup and will remain with your entity until you remove them.

Advanced editing features

easyFBT workpapers have a general Microsoft Excel look and feel and share many of the standard features that you come to expect including cut, copy, paste (information pasted into workpapers will be extensively validated, from individual cells to any number of columns and rows) and delete. Other available features include the ability to freeze columns, show and hide specific columns to match your workflow, sorting one or more columns and flagging rows to identify potential review items.

Import data

Import your benefit information directly from either Microsoft Excel workbooks (97-2003, 2007 or later), tab-delimited or comma separated text files using our specially designed wizard to guide you through this complex process of adding new benefit data or updating existing benefits with additional information. The Import Data wizard will extensively validate your data files to ensure they comply with the complex rules of each field.

Create report wizard

The Create Report wizard allows you to create user-defined reports for each reporting area within easyFBT. The wizard guides you through developing a new report (or editing an existing report) allowing you to determine the area you wish to report, whether it's detailed or summary, the columns (and order) to display and other key items such as grouping, pagination, sorting and filtering. If there is a report you require, easyFBT can create it!

RFBA employee letters

Generating employee summary letters can be a time consuming task without using easyFBT. The Employee Letters wizard guides you through selecting your existing Microsoft Word template (containing your own wording), the range of employees to include, generates individually tailored letters (in Abobe PDF or Microsoft Word format) and then optionally e-mails them directly to employees. Compress days of manual work into just a couple of minutes and let easyFBT do the hard work for you!

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