September 2020 Release

The following changes and enhancements have been made in the September release of easyFBT 2021 (2021.1.0.1):


Added refresh of Middle Name field to the Update Import process when refreshing employees.

Form Validation Log

Added refresh of the form validation log if the document is already open.

General changes

As with each FBT year, rates and other values are required to be updated.  The following changes have been made for the 2021 FBT year:

  • Updated the Car Parking public holidays table with the 2020/21 State/Territory gazetted public holidays;
  • Updated the Statutory Benchmark Interest Rate (4.80%);
  • Updated CPI Indexation factors for Housing;
  • Updated the Cents per Km rates for Residual Non-Cars: 0 to 2500cc (56c), Over 2500cc (67c), Motorcycles (17c); and
  • Updated the Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA) country codes and rates
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