September 2019 Release

The following changes and enhancements have been made in the September release of easyFBT 2020 (2020.1.0.1):

Local entities, user reports and offline backups

To make the transition of moving or upgrading computer hardware easier we have moved the Local Data Source entities location to the current user's (My)Documents folder (from C:\ProgramData\One Plus One Solutions Pty Limited\). We have also moved user generated reports and offline backups to the same location.

Enhancements and other changes

Preliminary: FBT Return form

Turned off scroll mode with the mouse wheel where a drop-down selector is active but not in drop-down mode. This will ensure selections are not accidentally changed when moving the mouse.


The following changes have been made:

  • Added a new report and ATO Form validation called Private Kilometres or Business Use Percentage Missing for Residual Non-Cars which displays a complete listing of all Residual Non-Cars that have neither Private Kilometres nor a Business Use Percentage entered but have total operating costs greater than zero. Without one of these entered easyFBT can’t calculate a taxable value for the non-car.
  • Fixed an issue entering decimal places into fields such as the Statutory Benchmark Interest Rate when using the filter in the Create Report Wizard.

General changes

As with each FBT year, rates and other values are required to be updated.  The following changes have been made for the 2020 FBT year:

  • Updated the Car Parking public holidays table with the 2019/20 State/Territory gazetted public holidays;
  • Updated the Statutory Benchmark Interest Rate (5.37%);
  • Updated CPI Indexation factors for Housing;
  • Updated the Cents per Km rates for Residual Non-Cars: 0 to 2500cc (55c), Over 2500cc (66c), Motorcycles (16c); and
  • Updated the Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA) country codes and rates
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