April 2018 Release

The following changes and enhancements have been made in the April 2018 release of easyFBT 2018 (2018.1.0.3):

Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) Return 2018 and SBR Interactions

The ATO Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) Return 2018 form has been added to this version and can be produced as a paper form for manual lodgement with the ATO as per prior years or when using the Electronic Lodgement (SBR) Interaction Manager to lodge electronically.

Enhancements and other changes

Electronic Lodgement (SBR) Interaction Manager

We have renamed the Lodge button to Create to more clearly identify that you are creating an interaction with the ATO (Prelodge or Lodge is determined as part of the interaction). We also upgraded the Interaction Manager as part of the on-going User Interface (UI) refresh.



Fixed an issue where rolling over a vehicle (Car or Residual Non-Car) without an employee caused an exception.

Entity Importing

Fixed an issue where under certain scenarios either standard or form entities where not shown on the Select entities to import page in the Import Entity Wizard.

December 2017 Release

The following changes and enhancements have been made in the December release of easyFBT 2018 (2018.1.0.2):

Enhancements and other changes

Entertainment (All) workpaper

For FBT Taxable employer types the Entertainment (All) workpaper has been enhanced to now allow the optional application of the section 41 property benefit exemption to meal entertainment benefits.

Note: Section 41 of the FBTAA applies to exempt an employer from FBT on meals provided to and consumed by employees on a working day on the employer's business premises whether or not the food is prepared on these premises. Section 41 also exempts meals provided to employees in an in-house dining facility.

The original Number of Employees or Associates (Actual Method) column has been split into two separate columns now to allow for this calculation to be done.

If you choose to apply the property benefit exemption, easyFBT will calculate an amount in the new Property Benefit Exemption (Actual Method) column which will be used to reduce the gross taxable value of the benefit (for Meals under the Actual valuation method only). Refer to the workpaper column help within easyFBT for further guidance.


Added new Fringe Benefits GUTV for Payroll Tax Return Summary reconciliation reports for FBT Taxable and FBT Rebatable employer types to display specially calculated GUTV Type 2 totals for payroll tax returns.


Added new Residual Benefit and Overseas Employee Holiday Transport declarations and also updated a number of existing declarations.



Fixed an issue where rolling over from an external file did not show Form entities.

Workpaper Import

Fixed an issue importing from .txt text files where fields contain commas would cause an error (Microsoft Excel will enclose these fields with Quotes which need to be removed).

Employee Search

When searching for an employee to generate an RFBA Employee Letter in a Consolidated entity, removed duplicate employees from the list.

Public Holidays

Updated an incorrectly dated Queens Birthday public holiday for New South Wales.


September 2017 Release

The following changes and enhancements have been made in the September release of easyFBT 2018 (2018.1.0.1):

User Interface (UI) refresh

We have started a refresh of the UI across the program to bring a more modern look and feel to the product. We haven't made any changes in this area for many years and things are looking a little stale. This process may take a few versions to complete.

Enhancements and other changes

Preliminary: FBT Form

Changed how the Preliminary: FBT Form tab is closed to speed this up. Due to the large number of fields on this tab means it can be slow to open and close depending on your computer.


The following changes have been made:

  • Renamed the Income Tax Exempt Body Entertainment (All) workpaper to ITEB Entertainment (All) (user request)
  • Renamed the Income Tax Exempt Body Entertainment (Actual) workpaper to ITEB Entertainment (Actual) (user request)
  • In the Car Parking workpaper we have renamed the Total Days (Actual Method) column to Total Business Days after Adjustment (Actual Method) for clarity (user request)
  • In all affected workpapers we now show the Declaration Obtained? column by default


The following changes have been made:

  • Updated the Inconsistent Consolidated Entertainment Valuation Method Election Validation and Cheaper Consolidated Entertainment Valuation Method Election Available reports (and form validations) to ignore certain entities within the consolidation that have no Meal or EFLE entertainment benefits and therefore no entertainment valuation election is required to be made
  • Updated the Flagged Rows by Workpaper report to include the Pool Id (for Motor Vehicle Dealer benefits) in the Description field (affects MV Dealer version only)

ATO Form

The following changes have been made:

  • Changed the way we calculate the FBT Return Form calculation section to more accurately calculate the FBT Payable.  In prior years we were populating all fields on the FBT Return form from easyFBT's FBT Reconciliation report totals with truncation of cents (where required) at each label.  From 2018 onwards we will now only use the truncated Q14(a) and (b) amounts (prior to gross up) from easyFBT's FBT Reconciliation report and then calculate the rest of the FBT form labels directly on the form. This will provide a more accurate FBT Payable result on the form but may mean that there is a slightly larger rounding difference of up to $2 between the FBT Payable shown on the FBT Return form and the Total FBT Payable shown on the FBT Reconciliation reports. (user request)
  • Made some additional changes to better handle brackets "(" and ")" when producing the printable ATO Form as brackets were causing the form to not show.  We have fixed this by automatically replacing any brackets found with square brackets "[" and "]" when generating the printable FBT Return form.

SBR Interactions Manager

The SBR Interactions Manager has been renamed to Electronic Lodgement (SBR) Interaction Manager for clarity and it has also been temporarily disabled, as usual, within this initial release version. Once the 2018 taxonomy is released by the ATO it will be included and then re-enabled within the forms release version of easyFBT 2018.


Import Entity wizard

Fixed an issue in the Bulk import entity feature where if you change the Scan sub-folder for files state then the list of entities is properly updated within the Import Entity wizard.


Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances when you selected an existing summary report to edit then the Report Type would not always properly select Summary as expected.

General changes

As with each FBT year, rates and other values are required to be updated.  The following changes have been made for the 2018 FBT year:

  • Updated FBT Rate (47%)
  • Updated Type 1 (2.0802) and Type 2 (1.8868) gross up rates
  • Updated FBT Rebate Rate (47%)
  • Updated the Car Parking public holidays table with the 2017/18 state gazetted public holidays
  • Updated Statutory Benchmark Interest Rate (5.25%)
  • Updated Indexation factors for Housing
  • Updated Cents per Km rates for Residual Non-Cars: 0 to 2500cc (53c), Over 2500cc (63c), Motorcycles (16c)
  • Updated LAFHA country codes and rates
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