Let’s be honest people love to complain and talk about the things they dislike.

In fact, people are often more passionate about the things they hate than the things they love.

Case in point is the dating app hater. People are matched on the things they both have a mutual hatred of.

So if slow walkers are on your list, you’ll be matched up with someone who can’t abide being stuck behind four old women as they stroll through the local shopping centre.

It’s a simple concept, as a society we spend more time talking about our dislikes than our likes.

In business it’s sometimes hard to hear the things that people dislike, but to truly grow you need to listen to them, as uncomfortable as that can be at times.

When other FBT software makers listen to the market they often respond to the same things; they hear people are frustrated by compiling data related to entertainment and motor vehicles, as well as complying with declaration requirements.

These frustrations can be easily fixed by automation, but the truly life-altering FBT software is one that changes with the user.

Other FBT software companies will tell you they listen to their customers, but at easyFBT we do listen, in fact, some of our most game-changing additions have come as a result of our customers reaching out to us and asking for a change.

And as is often the case, if one person is having an issue, the solution not only helps them but it helps others.

At easyFBT we strive to be as close to a user-generated FBT software as is humanly possible. Our goal is to give you the best software for your business, big or small.

And hey if there is something about the software you hate, let us know and we’ll try and fix it, we’ll also match you up with someone else who hates it, you never know you might find a new friend.

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