• easyFBT 2020 update (April 2020) is now available

    easyFBT 2020 update (April 2020) is now available

    One Plus One Solutions Pty Limited are pleased to advise that the final easyFBT 2020 version is now available for download. This release contains the final ATO Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) Return 2020 form which can be produced as a paper form for manual lodgement with the ATO as per prior years or when using the Electronic Lodgement (SBR) Interaction Manager to lodge electronically.

    SBR Machine Credential Requirement

    If you intend to lodge your FBT Return form electronically then you will need a Machine to Machine (M2M) credential as the previously used AUSkeys have been retired by the ATO as at the end of March 2020. To create a machine credential in the ATO’s Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM), you must be either a principal authority or a machine credential administrator (MCA) of the business. Note: you will need to create one for each entity that is required to be electronically lodged.

    Guide: how to install a machine credential

    ATO Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM)

    Read the change log for further information about this release.
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  • easyFBT 2020 change log

    easyFBT 2020 change log

    May 2020 Release

    The following changes and enhancements have been made in the May release of easyFBT 2020 (2020.1.0.4):

    SBR Interactions

    For organisations using a corporate firewall/proxy server to access the internet, we have added the ability to provide a proxy server configuration. These settings are available via the Tools -> Options -> Interactions tab. Additional whitelisting URLs may also need to be added to your corporate firewall or anti-virus software.

    Need more information?
    If you require more information about configuring and using a proxy server, read our post Lodging your SBR interactions with a Firewall/Proxy Server.

    Tax Agents

    We have added the ability to not display the Tax File Number on any produced Fringe Benefits Tax Return or Electronic Lodgement Declarations to cater for the Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) Scheme that governs all firms with greater than $3m revenue. Further information about the scheme is available here.

    Note: if you have updated to release 2020.1.0.2 and your organisation does not require these features then this update is optional.
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