• What is your why?

    What is your why?

    There are many reasons someone starts a small business:

    Become the captain of your ship

    Working 9 to 5 for the man can become tiresome, watching someone else’s company go from strength to strength and know that you are the reason for its success can do one of two things. It can deflate you, or it can create an awakening, a realisation that you have the skills to be successful, and that success can be something you own.

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  • Time to roll the dice (Part 2)

    Time to roll the dice (Part 2)

    On Monday we looked at our two entry level products and the first level of our professional package.

    Offering multiple options, that are interchangeable depending on your needs is something many other software providers can’t offer.
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  • Time to roll the dice (Part 1)

    Time to roll the dice (Part 1)

    With tax time on the horizon the time to make a change when it comes to FBT software is fast approaching.

    We spoke last week about why you should make the change to easyFBT, this week in a two part blog we’ll re-cap exactly what we offer when it comes to products.

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  • The Clock is Ticking...

    The Clock is Ticking...

    Tax time is slowly approaching, and if you’re in charge of the finances of any business big or small, your life is about to become far more complicated than you’d like.

    One of the most complicated areas of tax for many organisations is FBT, when is it allowed? What can you claim? And then how do you best keep records.

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  • How to avoid becoming the next Blockbuster

    How to avoid becoming the next Blockbuster

    It’s the responsibility of any small business to keep up to date with advances in their industry.

    Without doing this, you run the risk of ending up like Blockbuster, or Kodak. Ignoring technology and changes in the way your industry operates leaves you at the risk of becoming obsolete.

    This is even more important for a software business, no industry changes faster or more often than IT.
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  • Do what you love, not what you have to

    Do what you love, not what you have to

    Let’s start this week's blog by asking a question. It’s a simple question that has many different legitimate answers.

    Why do most people start their own business?

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  • Be a hater

    Be a hater

    Let’s be honest people love to complain and talk about the things they dislike.

    In fact, people are often more passionate about the things they hate than the things they love.

    Case in point is the dating app hater. People are matched on the things they both have a mutual hatred of.

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  • Get your FBT house in order

    Get your FBT house in order

    As the year-end tax reporting period starts to heat up like the Australian summer, business big and small need to start getting their FBT house in order.

    For a big business that means having their highly paid accounting firm begin the process of FBT, for small business and those who lodge directly that means the time is nigh to begin data analyses clarification of facts and circumstances, preparation of benefit data, completion of the FBT return form, review (yes, a review is a good idea) and lodge the return.

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